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Itachi rap [Lies]

It's my
It's my
Pay the
Pay the
See the
Through my
Could be
Could be
I was a prodigy
Know that you follow me
You wanted training on how to fight.
Aware that you wanna be
Strong as your brother be
Sorry, but maybe for next time
I can see that maybe life is complicated
So I'm making promises I can't keep
Clear to me that all the clans are aggravated
I have weighted choices
And the point is I can make peace
Want you to hate me
Shout and berate me
Swear that you will have your vengeance
You can't persuade me
You must await me
Now I've decided your sentence.
I couldn't kill you
I must fulfill you
Awaken your sharingan you will see
I will be the villain that konoha needed me to be
Gotta be the catalyst
I'm feeling like an activist
So battle with the pacifist
I'm cattle to the cabinet of politicians
Pushing their mission of no attrition
Through admission
And wishing i'm better as the opposition
I'm Uchiha
And I'm proud of my village
Light of the future
I've tainted my image
This is my limit
On to the next life
Forgive me sasuke
There is no next time
It's my
It's my
Pay the
Pay the
See the
Through my
Could be
Could be
It's my
It's my
Pay the
Pay the
See the
Through my
Could be
Could be
It'll never be the same
My younger brother
I'm so proud looking at what you became
But I never knew that Imma be so shamed
Now you're stronger than I was
But I don't regret
See, the massacre for the Uchiha was love
When you take your steps I know that you
Be the veteran I could have never been
An existential crisis
Taste of my own medicine
But then again I never pretended to be divisive
Then again I did
Loyal is who we be
To the Uchiha represent the fan to the end infinity
Imma look with pride
As the next of kin is making history
As a weapon of mass destruction
Is what I groomed you to be
Before it's over
So remember what I told you
Bout being as potent as the venom of a cobra
Tougher than soldiers
Carrying this boulder on both of ya shoulders
It's my
It's my
Pay the
Pay the
See the
Through my
Could be
Could be
It's my
It's my
Pay the
Pay the
See the
Through my
Could be
Could be


League of Villains Rap Cypher

Came to battle with the masses
Crumble, turn them to ashes
Not gonna have a chance
If you're class is this passive
We're massive
I'm bringing the league into victory
Placing fingers individually
One to three, watching me
Pinkie makes history
Deliver these injuries
Shatter like glasses
I'm redefining this era
My plan is in motion it's almost done
My presence will fill you with terror
Inherited power from all for one
I can do this all night
Pick apart the pathetic cult
That worships all might
This is what I had to be
Held on to by my family
Tacticiation on a mission
You cannot beat all my strategies
Killing I'm bringing the casualties
The weight in my heart causing agony
Displaying a brain that's amazing
Decaying, insane
'Cause I'm making a world from catastrophe
Kurogiri, I'm getting really excited
Who's the villain that's kinda tricky to fight with
Disappear, put the fear inside and I like it
In the dark I can see you nearing the lightswitch
Certain you're hurting
When turning your world
So uncertain with teleportation
If you find anyone killing the veterans better
I'll need a citation
I ain't just playing the role of a
Villainous seriously underpaid nanny
Passing it over
I'm hoping your choking them before you burn them up, Dabi
The illest villainous superstar
I been taking expectations
Shooting them through the bar
Watch me murder every single hero
You'll see the scars
Incinerating corpses into portions to keep 'em jar'd
Won't make it far
Ain't nobody do it like me
I can make a Bakugo flame, cold as ice see
Got the league right beside me
Might slap Midoriya if he keeps acting feisty, uh
I'm a monster
You imposters
Are preposterous
Stay anonymous
Scorching everybody is the hobby
Murder is the job, should've never stepped to Dabi, yeah!
Pulling at my mask
When I tighten the straps
Put a bullet in your back
See your life in a flash
Got the gas on tap
I can map your path
Think you're better than me
'Cause you're in a UA class?
It's Mustard but not the Colonel
Shots be popping off like a Kernel
I am sure vexed, this vortex
Will be the 'cause of your death
Look I'm handing out a summary
Got a team of two, a double team
You have ever met the other me?
Got a secret and I'm keeping it underneath
Know that I'm one a kind
Yeah you're facing your demise
C'mon, anybody try
Killing myself many times
I've got some demons
That I've dealing with inside
Yeah I get it though, I'm in it
Gotta show what they're missing
I don't even know the mission
But lately I feel like I'm somebody different
So here I go, throwing the dice
I am here to change your life
And maybe give out some advice
I'm only doing what is right
So if I'm giving you a chance
You know I ain't giving it twice
Blood thirsty
I just came to further 'cause damage
Muscle fibers so outrageous
That my skin can't manage
To contain all the power
That my body will produce
I'm sadistic
Watch me walk into this camp
And kill the youth
I'll put you in predicaments
Smashing right through your ligaments
These little kids are ignorant
Of violence in the hero biz
I'm lacking all compassion
You won't see me caught caring
Mercilessly killing heroes
Watch me body bag parents
You're messing with a psychotic in bondage
Don't test the god who is chomping
On all of your flesh if it's spotted
You won't survive in this carnage
Sharp teeth will slice
Through fuck- all of your bodies
Caustic when I kill off the lesser race in this story
Feel the knife dig deeper in your spine
Feels nice, when I take another life
Do or die
Love the rush of doing crimes
Nice try
You can run but now your mine
Slicing I'm cutting you down
Look and nobodies around
Love when your making your sounds
Bleeding all over the ground
Never be found
Pretty pathetic you face your demise
With your blood ingested I've perfected my disguise
Call me Toga, hear my name and then it's over
Not maintaining my composure when the smell is drawing closer
Killing is thrilling I'm spilling when bringing a chilling end
Appetite filling, I'm willing to bend so let us be friends
What would Stain do?
Yeah I'm slayin' in his name too
Call me Spinner the killer for Stain with the same view
And this sword looking like a Throne Of Games glued together
Stain's dream came true 'cause my blade is used to sever
All these fake dudes
Claiming who's a hero
When they told me I'm a strange mutant
I was shameful
Till I heard his message, you could say I am the echo 'cause these
Heroes saving nothing, better switch it to this gecko when I
Maim you
Your body I can magnetize
And by ya gender ya polarized
Having this much fun should be labeled as a crime
But I gotta do right by the hero killers eyes
You claim to be a hero
That's something you'll never be
Had to joined the League now I'm finally free
So here kitty, kitty come play with me
Gotta rid the world of this hero hierarchy
Step right up gonna show you something riveting
Quite a little trick the excitement has me shivering
With a little misdirecrion i'm performing Marvel's Leave
You startled when you see
I've turned your squad into some marbles
Through your whole academy into my jacket pocket
Walk it right into a warp gate take if off and drop it
Might not being as threatening as all the other villains
But the others who were trapped they were begging me to kill 'em
How many y'all wanna test me when I'm in the brawl
But fighting my dolls
I could tell that you was bout to fall
Look at the brave
Need to behave behind the dry walls
You don't wanna be catching my waves
You just might dissolve
All for one and one for none
So better go out get bigger guns
All might better go get your son
The young die, ain't gonna be no fun
But it will put a smile on my devilish calm demeanor
But I'm in rage
Training your ward with power like a Caesar
It was according to plan
League of the villains is running Japan
Even if i was rotting in can
Shigaraki still running the clan
Looking at me like I'm sick
I'm just pleading the fifth
But imagine myself with your neck and my wealth
And just squeezing my grip
Ha ha ha ha ha