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Four digits, a simple number
A randomly chosen year
And was it good or bad?
Well, I don't know that answer
This year was chosen for me
And that's how it was decided
Would this year mark my life?
Only Heaven knows my path
I decided to follow the path
But, I don't see very well
Where it leads me right now
And maybe I'll regret it later
But only one thing is certain:
This life can't be rewritten
Because it already exists


Two Persons, One Person

Two very different individuals
Two totally opposite views
Two voices with their own words
Two decisions with contrary pathways
Two different points of view:
Hot, cold... Light, dark...
Two endless conversations:
Good, bad... Day, night...
They will never reach a common agreement
Because they are just like the magnet:
Positive, negative... Attraction, repulsion...
However, they dwells in the same body



Swim and stalk in the depths
And wait for your prey!
Stir up the ocean waters
And destroy the ships.
Overwhelms the sailors
And devour your enemies.
Delight in the fierce storms
And play with the hurricanes.
But, look at me and tell me:
Can you break my will?


The Mysterious Silence

For a brief moment I don't hear anything
All around me is completely paralyzed
Like something empty, cold and lifeless
As if life on Earth suddenly disappeared
I don't see anyone around me either
Maybe I'm alone or I've already lost my mind
But I feel an indescribable peace and quiet
Whispering to my soul that everything is fine


The Fruits Of Your Labor 2.0

They say when you shake a tree
You can see what fruit falls out.
And if anger and offense are all
That are falling out of your tree,
You better double check what kind
Of fruits you are growing...

It’s a dream... or not?

Since that gray, sad and rainy evening
No one can hear the noise of perpetual night,
Even the sigh becomes a cold silence
And the shadows are transformed into tangibles bodies.
The echoes return as strong winds
Which beats and knocks everywhere.
The brown leafs revive a distant past
And one tear appeases that undeniable feeling.
A free spirit is enclosed in a dirty body,
A wise soul proclaims nonsenses/gibberish.
A culprit is taken as an innocent,
A corrupt saint intones ugliest beauty.
The darkness rule the shady nights,
The light governs the sunny days.

It’s a gloomy dream or a sweet nightmare?
It’s a tragic reality or a exciting hallucination?
Am I awake or asleep?
But then, I opened my eyes and said: Am I alive?


Beautiful ornaments, with loving details,
Wonderful colors and with gleaming lace,
Beautiful box of unparalleled appearance
With a sweet melody like a siren song.
Your song brings peace and rest
To ordinary mortals who are not careful,
Who would resist your unceasing desires
And avert your gaze at such a beautiful illusion?
All fall away under your harmonious spell
And without thinking that, in that small box,
At the end of its sweet melody will come
Countless misfortunes and sufferings.

Classic Beauty…

It's every kind of beauty, in its own way.
It's the essence that is inscribed within
Our deepest thoughts.

It's any action that we give without expecting a reward,
It's every action we can demonstrate
And we know carrying out with determination.

It's all that remains inside us,
It's exposed when we are well with ourselves
And is reflected in our soul.