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Outlive the Hand

In death she spoke of waiting
Her final days were long
These fields have changed since last she wept
Before the silent throng
She sits where childhood memories lie
Above, beside, within them
These carvings have outlived the hand
Which bled to first begin them
As features of the landscape merge
The oldest trees are falling
Awareness sweeps the view aside
She stares as if recalling
Seen first beyond the canopy
They soon had reached the borders
The clouds infused with burning breath
Arrived from coldest corners
The windswept valley hastens now
As dying words are uttered
From lips of earth and sapling's strain
Like leaves, her last thoughts fluttered
Again it darkens overhead
The knowledge of it stills me
And when the water starts to fall
Preserve the drop that kills me



Searching, the abstract colours reason
But I persist to fail in the absence of faith
Cycles bound by throes of attrition
Oft united, yet surely more is lost in time
Beyond fathom, billions firing
Flashes burn and spew prostrate
Wisped monads from crimson puncture
Our bonds are broken, all meaning sundered
Striving for constant reduction
Bursting from the pit beneath
Unyielding yet beyond the grasp
Of scale and form
From nothingness born
Of sprawl and flame
From nothing it came
The gap between us tears apart
Impel our end
Layers surge and strip away
Cast into nought
Of matter torn
As eons I mourn
Of atoms maimed
As epochs are tamed
In that final absence,
We never were

In Parting

After one but before the next,
In a tree where new life writhed and flexed
Two birds emerged to hold the world
And grow from feeble talons curled
But fate would see them part that day
As lightning cut their branch away
By winds to distant places sent
Almost as if it all had meant
That though their bloodied wounds would fade,
They'd wonder where their brother lay
For every day from that day on
They'd wait to hear a certain song
In vain, for years, thought one was strong
And one was not, for far too long
Until his bones and thoughts were old,
And feathers burnt and lost and cold
The stronger of the two could see
A distant bird, how weak was he
In drawing near but knowing not,
Just who he was, or why, or what
The stronger talons tore at flesh
And stripped away that feathered mess
And all without a sound or cry,
Or even ever knowing why
Yet as the sun began to sink
He seemed to sense, he seemed to think
That soon his brother might appear
From somewhere close, from somewhere near
Convinced this was his brother's fate,
Above his corpse, he sat... to wait


Embedded in fertile plain
Snared in pulp and stone
Confounded being emerges
Surrounded yet alone
Surging growth in vigour
Morbidity at bay
Hale deceives the advent
Of cycles in decay
Winter's first marrow cracks
Mother bides the spring
Ne'er evade the hand of death
And coursing pain it brings
Matter broken, times expire
Eternity's division
Peer across the fatal pass
Terminus inition
Ills that never truly mend
Breath which seldom draws in ease
Pulses often miss their step
Somatic ever in disease
Embedded in fallow plain
Consumed by pulp and stone
Confounded being expires
Abandoned and alone


As the candles yawned,
My world grew darker
'Til barely a detail remained
Parchment and smoke
Through distant chimes
Moths carried by the breeze
Her finger to my lips,
I am stilled in an instant -
I sip, and am numbed
From here the path winds backwards
At first, I see my entering
And then steps in reverse
Descent where I had climbed
To pass where I had fallen
Familiar, all is frayed
And yet I cannot abide
Beyond my eyelids, I have died
Days are merging quickly now,
Into years that spiral from my chest
They pass but leave no mark
Familiar, all is skewed
And yet I cannot reflect
Beyond my eyelids, I have died
Yet I collapse into youth
Familiar, all is frayed
And yet I cannot abide
Beyond my eyelids, I have died
I swallow forgotten words
To gain what was lost
And lose what was gained
Until neither is real
Behind my head, her hands hold no weight
I have reached a beginning,
But somehow I do not stop
I fall through the first moment
To find that there is more
As light cascades
Through the hole, my body has torn
Already, it is closing