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Disillusion in a Discoardant System

To neglect and to fuck
Rather than to protect and to serve
Protectors of the public, like fuck
What a joke authorities have become
Servants to the corporations and the government
A grievance to your fellow man
Oh, little piggy
What's that little piggy?
'Oink, oink'
Would you like some bacon to go with your arrogance?
Beating skin and cracking bone as a profit to the rich
I bet you think you're something special
While you're cracking skulls but your instrument of sick agendas
Burn your badge and join your brothers
Your job role is as a professional cunt
So do humanity a favor and join as we protest
Maiming and raping and pillaging
and fucking manufactured devastation
Don't be so pompous, causing a raucous
for mass enslavement
Oh, little piggy
Did you really think you lent hand, little piggy
Delusional in your authority
The truth: you're nothing but a pawn
Arresting for profit
An expert extortionist, funneling the money
from pockets of the public to the palms of the corrupt
Detaining for profit
Did your know you take orders from a banker cartel?
From a bunch of fucking scum
You don't have to say anything
Anything you do, say will be given in evidence
'Oink, oink'
Fuck your authority
Using powers to enslave, intimidate,
extort and falsely accuse
Threaten, assault and murder
Inherently evil acts by evil people
Relinquish respect for these fuckers
Looking down on the public
From a pedestal build of exploitation
Do you even remember the last time
they protected and served you?
No, the police neglect and then fuck you over
Our point is made (x2)
Send them to the slaughterhouse