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A$AP Rocky - Brand New Guy sanat lyrics

Brand New Guy

[Intro: A$AP Rocky]
You know us big mouth Harlem niggas don't know how to act
I got my West Coast connection
These dead in the street industry mothafuckas
Talkin' 'bout we can't eat, talking 'bout we brand new guys
Tell them niggas 'Suck a dick!'
[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky]
I'm camo'd down to my boxers, gold teeth, a Bathing Ape
It's animals in my projects, like monkeys, orangutans
Banana clip on that chopper, I hold heat, bangers bang
(Let Chiquita speak) Bet it keep the peace, that Lil B, brrangadang
I don't care if you blue or you red flagging
Hair swinging, my pants sagging
Hoes all on my bandwagon, your bitch gagging, she jet lagging
All my cuz niggas, what's cracking?
All my blood niggas, what's popping?
I ain't set tripping, I just happen
To know who click-clacking, you mismatching
Fuck swagging, you been jacking, fuck fly, I am fashion
Tryna cop that Benz wagon, my bitch drive it, my friends crash it
Niggas threat with the chit-chatting, see a nigga don't shit happen
I'm finna blow on that Bin Laden, so talk money, pig latin
(Suck my fuckin' dick, bitch!)
[Chorus: A$AP Rocky]
Brand new clip, brand new nine
Brand new bitch, brand new ride
Brand new weed, brand new high
Brand new me, meet the brand new guys
Brand new clip, brand new nine
Brand new bitch, brand new ride
Brand new weed, brand new high
Brand new me, meet the brand new guys
[Verse 2: Schoolboy Q]
.345 be the big toy, now which nigga want it with the fat boy?
Uh, clipped-up like I'm paranoid, high as hell nigga, Fitzroy
Pull it off through the city like 'errt'
Seen that ho nigga like 'errr,' hopped up on a nigga like murk
Put that pussy nigga in a purse
He wouldn't be the first, cover him with dirt (Yeah, uh, shit)
Put him in the ground, he was down to Earth
A napped up nigga, I been down since birth
Backpack full of random work
With two bad hoes, I'll teach you how to jerk
(Teach you how to jerk?) Swaggin' in my Js
Pop me a pill and throw that pussy a rave (Pussy a rave)
My prerogative ways
Nappy chin hairs with the brand new fade (Yeah)
Brand new nigga with the brand new venue
Sold that bitch out, shoulda made that ho bigger
Killing careers make these cupcakes remember
My objective is to serve your agenda
Biggie and Nas put they ass in a blender
Sprinkle some 50 and came out this nigga
Equipped with a gat and a dick in your mouth
Balls in my hands and your bitch in my house
Twisting up weed, I'm digging her out
Just filling her out
Do all that shit you be talking about
While you gone? Shit, Netflix on your couch
What this popcorn about?
Microwave oven while you out there cuffin'
You over there lovin'
That bitch be my stuffing, like, like we really be fucking
[Chorus: A$AP Rocky]
Brand new clip, brand new nine
Brand new bitch, brand new ride
Brand new weed, brand new high
Brand new me, meet the brand new guys
[Verse 3: Schoolboy Q & ASAP Rocky]
Brand new shirt to the brand new drawers
Brand new socks to the brand new Glock
This mothafucka hold 15, slap that ho in, tell the clip get lost
Bitch, I'm a boss, pulled up clean, don't you hear the exhaust?
Got my tie on, gripping on my iron on who I'm 'bout to fire on
Rap game fucked up, boy, fuck you think I rap for?
Crack game fucked up, boy, fuck you think I trap for?
Ridin' 'round with that mask on
Like a MAC attack when that strap on
Like a Shaq attack on that backboard, clap on, clap off
Blue pit in my back yard, red nose my bad broad
Titan full of that hydro, pretty nigga, no catwalk
Big burner in your big mouth, pussy niggas suck lead off
I pull it up then skirt off, vodka shots, he smeared off
40 ounce of that Cristal, Rose, that Rick Ross
Got it jumping like Kriss Kross, mismatching, no jigsaw
No horseplay when we quick draw, pussy nigga get a tit job
Hands up, stick your mans up, your time's up, the new brand's up

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Hallway/Car Floor

The big teacher is my kink
I let him sleep when he asks
I bring him water and a soft stick
His ruler is brave and savory
I give my classmates all but pay for half
Everything is whole and stays moist
The sticky line tiles hold my place in my past
All the bulls in sight and knee deep water chlorine
Leaves my toes curled and my day hungover
Outstretched by the secret kept underground
Caked by the stars and my flashlight
Lucky I've been here for years but still tastes like night time
And all I want is for you to look at me
When we're standing close by
My soft one in the hallway
In the hallway
Sticky fingerprints left on my school skirt
Unknown fuck prints on the trail behind me
Spotlight on this red pine sol
But my light keeps glowing on the soiled floor
Night shaded, play the rules, salty feet interrupt my hunt
Spoiled and silky, I light the tip and feel the grip
With every intention in my pocket book
I leave it thick in the door to wait for my return while I leech
Something feels like a flat bug
When I think about the outer layer in sync
I've been told this is too far
My sense say the soft peel consume on his car floor


Ruins of a Cathedral

The webbing still maintains the buttresses,
but the sunlight doesn't strike it as easily.
The naked bones reveal their fragility before heaven--
they cannot be consecrated again,
for the sanctuary must speak for itself,
and the dandelions can only grant foreign wishes.
Morning already passed,
but the ghosts didn't already know the deadline--
they only know where to reside where nothing occurs.
If a candle existed amongst the carcasses,
surely it must wait for someone special--
the one who was born out of nothing
and lived amongst canaries.
And so I walk amongst them,
for their song is their only reminder
That something else lingers beyond us,
and yearns for us, and desires to open a hand
for a lemon-infused elixir, to reverse death's course.



Summer haze in the soccer of doom
He told me to bend over cuz he's in the mood
Said, can you tell I like it too?
She said, I know you do
Star gaze in the heated pool
Told me take it off cuz he likes the view
Said, I want it, how about you?
She said, me too
Saw me laying there on the screen
I said hey there big boy, what do you need?
Turn around for a pic and flashing on light
Told a lie, because I know I was never right
On the screen
Cuz she put it all down when I brought it over
And I told her I was jealous and I turned the corner
And I told her
I told her
Cuz I put it all down, when she came over
She told me she was jealous of my exposure
And you told her
Oh I told her
Can't stop cuz I like the breeze
And the feeling of your body between my knees
So I took a long dip when I was a teen
And I dream every night of being on your screen
Took a taste, it was just like God
And I know you like it when you give me a nod
He said, throw it back and turn it around
She said, repeat that cuz I like your sound
Saw me laying there on your screen
You said hey baby girl, what do you need?
Turn around for a wink and the time of my life
I called and you said it will be alright
On the screen
Cuz she put it all down when I brought it over
And I told her I was jealous of her composure
And I told, I told her
Cuz I wrote it all down when she came over
And I put it in the ground of the brown folder
And I told her, oh, I told her
Oh I told her


O' Desire

In front of me I can see your face
And then your body fades into view
I can feel my senses warming into place
And my mind is changing attitude, attitude
My breath is coming harder in my breast
And my eyelids are feeling heavy
My lips are swelling and I feel my heart beating in them
That's when I'm at my best
Oh oh...
Overwhelming desire, overwhelming fire
Tell your passionate liar what to do
But I have been thinking about you for such a long time
I have been dreaming about you forever
Well, I imagine, I imagine and the chills run down my spine
I can smell your silver and your leather, your leather
Baby, baby, baby...
Overwhelming desire, overwhelming fire
Tell your passionate liar what to do
Oh, yeah..
(Overwhelming desire, overwhelming fire) Oh, oh...
(Tell your passionate liar) What to do, what to do
Come on, tell me what to do