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Good News

Your long hair – a short walk
My biggest fear and a slow watch
In the thin air my ribs creak
Like wooden dining chairs when you see me
Always scared that every situation ends the same
With a blank stare
Me and the tap water circling the sink drain
Because it's heavy
But I'm trying really hard to keep my nose clean
And the blue out of my arms
But it's not easy
It's not easy when what you think of me is important
And I know it shouldn't be so damn important
But it is to me
And I'm only ever screaming at myself in public
(I know I shouldn't act this way in public)
I know I shouldn't make my friends all worry
When I go out at night
And grind my teeth like sutures
My mouth like a wound
When I stay up and throw my voice about you
Or less about you
And more about how I ruin everything I think could be good news

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Beat like a rug, ashed out and clubbed
Well it’s all for my betterment
I’ll give you a rib with the marrow dried up
It’s not much but a widow’s gift
But in the right rays of the sun
If you squint hard enough
There can be only one like it
I’d write you a song
For all men to be one
But I’d sing it from a place of pride
I can sing over most and I’d gladly be the host
But most often I just hang my head and cry
There’s a song beneath the earth
It resides within the dirt
Under the nails of a workin’ man
Drug in by the reign, of the crooked ways I think
I wish I was in a mood to die
Well life, it is good, no matter how far you sink
Sometimes sitting still is better than to try
When you’re down in a hole
And your heart’s weighed down like gold
There is a hand that can reach you there

My Time

It feels so weird having my feet on the ground
It's been a while since I've been walking around
With my own eyes, I can once again see
My dream has come true — I am free
But now that I'm here, there's a mission at hand
To drive that witch out of our beautiful land
I'll banish the darkness and bring back the light
'Cuz this time I'm ready to fight
This is my time,
my time to face my old foe
My time,
reclaim what was ours long ago
This is my time
to stand up with honor and pride
My time,
I've come too far to be denied
Now off I must fly to the palace once more
To win back the freedom of all Avalor
I've spent my whole life waiting just for this day
And nothing will get in my way
This is my time,
I have a plan that can't fail
My time,
I won't stop 'til I prevail
My time,
to honor my family and friends
My time,
this is my time once again
This is my time
Once again

The History of Wrong Guys

Oh, no. Don't you dare
Girl, girl, girl, I'm warning you!
I think I have a crush
I can't. I think I'm falling for him
Oh, no
Why not?
Women have been making bad choices
Since the beginning of time
Are you gonna be another one of mine?
Used to think you were from outer space
Who's that bright-eyed guy in your place?
You're kind of cute
When you're not so shy
But I've been here before
Have I come back for more?
Another chapter in the history of wrong guys
You used to be so 'eh'
A limp lackluster bore
But now you're changing into something I just can't ignore
Charlie, honestly
I've been hurt like this before
Is there really more to you
Than what I always thought?
How can you surprise me anymore?
Oh. Oh. Oh
He's got a girlfriend, you flake!
Why are they only nice when they're unavailable?
Don't want to be another star-crossed lover
We all know how that ends
I'm better off without him
We're better off as friends
But I've been here before
Have I come back for more?
Another chapter in the history of wrong guys
Yesterday no spark
No heart aching allure
But today I'm feeling something I just can't ignore
Charlie, honestly
I've been hurt like this before
Oh. Oh. Oh
The history of wrong guys
Chapter one - he's a bum
Two - he's not into you
Three - he's a sleaze
Four - loves the girl next door
Five - loves the boy next door
Six - don't love you no more
Makes you insecure
Makes you so unsure
Is so immature
Loves his mother more
Or...... has a girlfriend named Nicola-a
Charlie, honestly
I've been hurt like this before
I can see there's more to you
Than what I always thought
But I won't be burned anymore
Oh, oh, oh
Where you off to?
I'm going on break

Asphyxiated Embryonic Abnormalities

Neurologic abnormalities
Postpartum haemoglobin becoming less through umbilical cord
Perinatal mortality effects after the embryonic stage
Brain and pathways begin to asphyxiate
Lack of oxygen and nutrients through the placenta
Immune dysfunction to survive
Syndrome to mental abnormalities
Fail adaptation to extrauterine life
Loss of first breath after birth
DNA functions erased suddenly
The pulmonary resistance is dramatically reduced
Congenital anomalies increasing suddenly
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