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The Dolly Rocker Movement

Coffin Love

Baby boy
Why you seem annoyed
Was it the sun
That burned you up
And gave you coffin love
Baby girl
You are my only one
Are we insane
For your sweet fang
And your coffin love
Baby boy
Dressed in sweet and joy
Was it the moon
That left too soon
And gave you coffin love
Now baby girl
You are my only one
Give me peace
Oh darling please
Shed your coffin love
...On me
Lonely worm
May you seem absurd
Was it the tomb
That let you bloom
In your coffin love

The Ecstacy Once Told

I saw the child born
into the sun
into the morning sun
and i can notice
all that you are
everything that you are
Take my time with
a shadow love
a darkness shadow love
cuz you are the meaning
of everything
and everything that you crave
Wake me from this
eternal space
this eternal space
and cloud my mind with
a sorrow side
a gently sorrow side