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The Standard's Silence

Beneath the nation's standard
In silent shared reverence
Intimate moments shared
Its snapping, spinning furls
Swept by breeze's broom
The slipping and popping
A respectful reserved rapport
To touch the lightened mast
A moment's tactile communing
Reaffirming those reasons
Of their sacrifices made
That stay in every breath
Even in the banner's lull
In every shine or shower
Symbol of freedom's might
That cannot be destroyed
The fleeting misunderstand
Beyond the ignorance of man
Beyond the shadow of tyrants
Of hatred's choking blanket
And the shrouds of genocide
Yes, even in smiles or sorrow
Or chronic aches and pains
Through trials and tribulations
And on that final rite's salute
Cloaked in farewell parting
Earned by those who once were
And always will ever be
Freedom always reigns

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New Dawn

For nothing
Hero of the wrong cause
What have they done?
His sacrifice, a loss
His life, mistaken
And what is taken now
Will never come back
Now it's time
To look up and claim what you need
For them to pay their crimes
Their greed
And nothing will persuade us
Everything will change
Memories won't fade out
In the end you'll fail
His life will be avenged
And we shall see new dawn
The dark is not forever
He will not be gone
He will not be gone
And we shall see new dawn
And it's time to go
These bounds
You and us
Won’t last forever
You know it
We know!

Burn It All Down

We will try to waste them
S'you can try to feel 'em?
It's all in the name of hell
We got to fear it with a good sensation
It's easy come and go
We want something
Everyone wants something
Everyone's got to believe
We take you to it
Nothing else to do
But live the life, it's all a lie
We burn the flags
Burn the house
Burn the church
Just burn it all down
We burn the streets
Burn the trees
Burn the lessons
Burn it all down
We burn the flags
Burn the house
Burn the church
Just burn it all down
We burn the signs
Burn the saints
Burn the sinners
Burn the whole thing down down down
Burn it all down
We pay with riches
We took the stitches out of our wounded eyes
Install the masses with cynical retraction
They know your coded lies
We can't function, no one here can function
No one can even speak
I hear the bombs, a million shiny bombs
I close my eyes
I'll bring the bread you'll bring the wine
This party's over one last time
Burn it all down

Tiger in the Night (Live)

You are the tiger burning bright
Deep in the forest of my night
You are the one who keeps me strong
In this world
You sleep by the silent cooling streams
Down in the darkness of my dreams
All of my life I never knew
You were the dream I'd see come true
You are the tiger burning bright
I was the one who looked so hard
I could not see
Now I could never live
Without the love you give to me
I lived like a wild and lonely soul
In a dream beyond control
You were the one who brought me home
Down to earth
For you are the tiger burning bright
Deep in the forest of my night
All of my life I never knew
You were the dream I'd see come true
You are the tiger burning bright

Ah, It's A Wonderful Cat's Life!

Lyrics: These lyrics were written in a collaboration between Seka and Moto! Credit them accordingly!
There's an adorable lady over there
With the purest white fur who has caught my stare
Tonight the moon is especially bright
so why don't you and I play together outside?
Cats only live once and that's no lie
So c'mon, let loose, don't waste your life inside
Silly collars just keep you from being free
I can bite it off, sit still dear, allow me
strays have the most fun nyan nyan nyan/
stealing fish to eat and chasing all the birds/
humans have to work while I can just nap without a single care in the world
You could be free too nyan nyan nyan
You can meet all my friends and dance the night away
Alright, take my hand, jump out that window
And follow my lead
There's an obnoxious stray cat over there
With glowing wide eyes that have caught me unaware
You walk with pride and talk real sweet
But even though I'm young I'm not that naïve
Cats only live once and that's no lie
That's why I spend my days safely inside
This collar means the world and more to me
If you broke it you could never pay the fee
I am royalty nyan nyan nyan
I am fed and loved, made the best that I can be
And even though I'm scared, in my routine
I'm daily given baths to keep me looking clean
And unlike me, nyan nyan nyan
You have no one watching you to keep you safe from where you go
Tomorrow you could be run over by a car, and who would even know?
This stubbornness of yours I find it quite lovely too
In fact I think you'll find, I'm only more in love with you
Ara such blunt honesty, even though that's a start
clumsy ways like that won't win my heart
I'll tell you my dream nyan nyan nyan
To leave this place and see a different scene
To run far north, away from city skies
I wanna see the aurora through these eyes
If you were to be with me nyan nyan nyan
We would run away, you would finally be free
But I feel that one wish will not come true
My lifestyle, you see nyan nyan nyan
Is not one that is changed so easily
My owner loves me more than the world, how could I break the heart of a fragile little girl?
Wait you're gonna leave me, nyan nyan nyan
We were just having fun, laughing bout nothing
Wait um maybe you'd come back again?
I'll be waiting