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Do you believe in reincarnation?
'Cause I thought I saw your soul
Flashing and dancing on the horizon
Shades of jade and emerald
Oh, I'm a bad girl 'cause I turned the bad world
Into a crystal pearl
And we were loveless, oh, it was pure bliss
Something I've never felt before
I might be crazy, but baby, lately
I don't believe the news
They say it's ending to stop pretending
To start looking for the clues
A glass cylinder where we can linger
Let me take us to the stars
I won't be missing your tender kissing
'Cause the light will wipe out all the scars
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Enemmän sanat lyrics artistin: Susanne Sundfør

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Enemmän sanat lyrics

Livin' on the edge of night

Livin on the edge of the night
You went off the river
Smoke stacks fade to blind
This town's my own, ridin'free and alone
And I'm looking back
Maybe I know some people
Maybe I break some rules
But this is the street, I've got to compete
Baby, I ain't no fool

*So I take a little bad with the good
It ain't just black and white
(It still ain't black and white)
You've got to deal with the real
Woo, living on the edge of the night

Every wild desire
Beckons from the dark
I've made my bed but I can't risk my head
While I still swim with sharks
Everyone needs something
Sometimes they don't know why
But so much good's been misunderstood
In the blink of the eye

(Repeat *)

You say that you don't like it
Or maybe it's just my life
So you live yours and I'll keep mine
Rolling like a wheel through the city
Living on the edge of the night
And when the black rain's down
In this cold gray town
I'll be waiting
Waiting at the edge of the night
Woo, living on the edge of the night
Woo, living on the edge of the night

Via Da Qui (Far Away)

Avrei una storia
Da raccontare
E poche ore prima,
Prima di partire
Mi fermo e intanto tu
Prova ad ascoltare.
Se chiudi gli occhi,
Riesci ancora ad immaginare
Che quello che ho da dirti in fondo
Non è una bugia
Ti cucirò un vestito nuovo addosso
Prima di scappare via,
Prima di andare via

Via da qui, via da qui,
Via da qui, via da qui
Che cosa poi ti aspetti
Di trovare di diverso da noi due
Se anche via,
Via da qui, via da qui, via da qui

Too many people told me
A good thing never lasts
But the fool in me believed
This was a love that would surpass
So standing here beside you
Not knowing what to say
If I told you that I love you
Would you change your mind and stay?
Or would you turn and walk away?
Far away, far away, far away, far away,
I hope that you will hold onto a memory
Or think of me one day

Far away,
Via da qui,
Far away,
Via da qui,
Far away,
Via da qui,
Far away

Sei sempre lì che aspetti
You're defending your excuses
Come fossero medaglie
You're pretending that you're sorry
Per provare a tutti
Senza incertezze, senza dubbi
Che è finito tutto adesso
Giovanni & Carly:
Se proprio devo farlo adesso
Ti chiedo scusa, sì, ma parto
Restare qui non ha più senso
Maybe you'll find the answer
Maybe I'll find the answer
Via da qui, via da qui, via da qui,
Far away
Giovanni & Carly:
Far away

Prince of Fools

It doesn't seem so long ago
You were here and I was whole
I'm weaker since you went away
I could've made you stronger if you stayed
You told me that you'd been around
And I was the best thing that you'd ever found
Well, how can something be so right
And turn to nothing overnight
If you could, you were thinking it good
Broke in two
And hoping to hide
Thinking you had time on your side
Prince of fools
You'd better make up your mind
Empty promises, unspoken lines
Well, they kept me hanging for a time
But now your time is running out on you
And if you really want to make it true somehow
Well, it's got to be now
Oh, why, why can't you see
What you're doing to people like me
And would you change it if you could
You know I don't think you would
But it's true that I did it for you
Broke in two
And hoping to hide
Thinking you had time on your side
Prince of fools
You'd better make up your mind

Karjalan kaunis Kerttu

Mie muistan, ko Viipurin kavul' mie astelin,
Taaksen' jäi Papulan silta.
Iloissain olin mie, vastaan ko tulit sie,
Ihana oli se ilta.

Ko saapui se hetki taas välleen,
Et' kohattais' toisemme jälleen.
Myö haasteltiin rattoisast',
Kuu paistoi ihanast', kahen kun haaveiltiin.

Kertosäe (2x):
Viel monta muistoo Viipurist' ois.
Kerttukii männyt on jo miulta pois.
Konsa sinut, Kerttu, nähdä vielä saan,
Pyörees' myös tornis' häitä tanssitaan,
Polvellein silloin istutan mie siun
Ja tunnen, että sie oot ikuisesti miun.