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You're Special

Yeah, you, baby, you
You're something special
Baby, I know
I know what you're thinkin'
Maybe, maybe I'm wasting your time
But I promise, but I promise
I know that I go back and forth
But I won't let you, I won't let you, I won't let you down
[Verse 1]
I meant it when I told you I would change
Meant it when I told you I would stay
Sick of talkin' on the phone, babe
Time to pack your car and come to my state
Come to my place, look at my face, oh, yeah
You know I ain't playin'
I'm savin' some money, yeah, hop in the car
And get on the road, here we go
Baby, I can't lie
I'm a little bit, I'm a little bit scared right now, girl, girl, yeah
You said you want more
And I can't blame you for
Askin' me what's somethin' you deserve
You're special
Yo-yo-you're special
Oh yeah, you're special
Yo-yo-you're special
[Verse 2]
Yeah, I knew it, you was my type
We ain't gotta skip to the highlight
You're the highlight, girl, of my life (woo)
Both of us have got a past, but it's alright
All night car rides
Drivin' through the city, yeah, the view's fantastic
It's automatic, could see you smile, gotta have it
She got me thinkin' maybe I'ma have to put a ring on it, girl
I ain't never been a romantic, but I can romance ya'
Get your shoes on, baby, I am not asking
I'm 'bout to take you out to dinner, put the black dress on
Got the room gaspin', how did this happen?
I don't even know
She's the type to sing my words at the show
She's the type to pick me up when I'm low
And remind me she got my back, no matter what
Yeah, I think she hearin' me now
Say what I think, so I'm thinkin' out loud
I need a woman I know I can trust, and I got one
I guess you can say that she down
Callin' my phone, and she told me she proud
She said my name and I like how that sounds, oh, yeah
(I like that)
I like how this sounds
(Baby, I—yeah)
Baby, don't make me lose myself
Baby, I need somebody I know I can trust (yeah)
I mean, I'm being honest
I ain't ever met a girl like you (no)
Baby, you can call me
You can call me anytime
You can call me any day, anytime
You know I'ma answer
I won't let you, I won't let you down, yeah
You said you want more
And I can't blame you for
Askin' me for somethin' you deserve (You deserve it)
You're special, yeah
Yo-yo-you're special
I said, girl, I said, you're special
I said, you're special

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Hetki on kaunis

Mä tajuta sain, että hetki on kaunis
Mä tajuta sain, että nyt tai ei koskaan tän hetken mä tahdon tallentaa
Mä hengittelen, olen täynnä voimaa
Mä tajusin sen, että onni on se, että mun sydän pamppailee
En odota aina uutta, muuten mä jään ilman mahdollisuutta elää elämää!

En laula tänään niista sydänsuruista,
Enkä laula tänään niistä hetkistä, jotka hukkasin turhiin toiveisiin
En laula tänään, surun kyynelistä
Mä onneni nään olemassa tässä, nyt ja se pulppuaa

Jokainen sielu on kaunis,
Talven tai kesän sävel on kaunis
Ja laula jos tunnet tän onnen,
Laula siellä tai tuolla tai täällä tai missä se on.

Hetki on kaunis, vaan missä se on, missä se on
Hetki on kaunis, ja missä mä oon, siellä se on
Keinuissa, vaunuissa, tarhoissakin, siellä se on
Perheissä, jengeissä, kouluissakin, siellä se on
Kiireissä, yötöissä, arjessakin, siellä se on
Linnoissa, bingoissa, puistoissakin, siellä se on
Maailmanpyörissä, junissakin, siellä se on
Hetki on kaunis, ja missä sä oot, siellä se on

Mä tajuta sain, että hetki on kaunis
Mä tajuta sain, että nyt tai ei koskaan tän hetken mä tahdon tallentaa

Whereas a glass of water was enough to wet your hair

Whereas a glass of water was enough to wet your hair,
A slice of bread, two olives to fill our stomachs
If I kissed you once, the second felt itself neglected,
If I kissed you twice, the third bent its neck in sadness...


Little town, it's a quiet village
Every day like the one before
Little town, full of little people
Waking up to say

Bonjour! Bonjour!
Bonjour! Bonjour! Bonjour!

There goes the baker with his tray, like always
The same old bread and rolls to sell
Every morning just the same
Since the morning that we came
To this poor, provincial town

Good Morning, Belle!

[BELLE, spoken]
Good morning, Monsieur Jean
Have you lost something again?

Well, I believe I have
Problem is, I've—I can't remember what
Oh well, I'm sure it'll come to me
Where are you off to?

To return this book to Père Robert
It's about two lovers in fair Verona

Sounds boring

Look there she goes, that girl is strange, no question
Dazed and distracted, can't you tell?
Never part of any crowd
'Cause her head's up on some cloud
No denying she's a funny girl that Belle

Bonjour! Good day! How is your family?
Bonjour! Good day! How is your wife?
I need six eggs! That's too expensive!

There must be more than this provincial life!

[PERE ROBERT, spoken]
Ahh, if it isn't the only bookworm in town!
So, where did you run off to this week?

[BELLE, spoken]
Two cities in Northern Italy
I didn't want to come back
Have you got any new places to go?

[PERE ROBERT, spoken]
I'm afraid not...
But you may re-read any of the old ones that you'd like

[BELLE, spoken]
Your library makes our small corner of the world feel big

[PERE ROBERT, spoken]
Bon voyage!

Look there she goes, the girl is so peculiar
I wonder if she's feeling well
With a dreamy, far-off look
And her nose stuck in a book
What a puzzle to the rest of us is Belle

Oh, isn't this amazing?
It's my favourite part because—you'll see
Here's where she meets Prince Charming
But she won't discover that it's him 'til Chapter Three!

Now it's no wonder that her name means 'Beauty'
Her looks have got no parallel
But behind that fair facade
I'm afraid she's rather odd
Very diff'rent from the rest of us
She's nothing like the rest of us
Yes, diff'rent from the rest of us is Belle!

[GASTON, spoken]
Look at her, LeFou—my future wife
Belle is the most beautiful girl in the village
That makes her the best

[LEFOU, spoken]
But she's so... well-read!
And you're so... athletically inclined

[GASTON, spoken]
Yes... But ever since the war, I've felt like I've been missing something. And she's the only girl that gives me that sense of—

[LEFOU, spoken]
Mmm... je ne sais quoi?

[GASTON, spoken]
I don't know what that means

Right from the moment when I met her, saw her
I said she's gorgeous and I fell
Here in town, there's only she
Who is beautiful as me
So I'm making plans to woo and marry Belle

Look there he goes
Isn't he dreamy?
Monsieur Gaston
Oh, he's so cute!
Be still, my heart
I'm hardly breathing
He's such a tall, dark, strong and handsome brute!



Good day

Mais oui!

You call this bacon?

What lovely flowers!

[Man 1]
Some cheese

Ten yards!

[MAN 1]
One pound

Excuse me

I'll get the knife

Please let me through!

This bread

Those fish

It's stale!

They smell!

Madame's mistaken

Well, maybe so

There must be more than this provincial life!

Just watch, I'm going to make Belle my wife!

Look there she goes
That girl is strange but special
A most peculiar mademoiselle!

It's a pity and a sin
She doesn't quite fit in
'Cause she really is a funny girl
A beauty but a funny girl
She really is a funny girl
That Belle!

Rise Again

Heat from the ground feeds the fire
My desire to live with this rage
With thoughts of you filling my nights
And my days

Sounds of the speaking of tongues
Visions of circles undone
Keeps this heart of mine beating
For the time of our meeting will come

Now, I turn to the gods
Whichever will listen
From below or above

Hear my cry
Feel my pain
If I should fall
I'll start over again

Hear my cry
Feel my pain
If I should die
I will rise again

I scream to the sky full of anger
My body increasingly weaker

I won't die for you
I won't die for you
Heaven is a heartbeat away

Hear my cry
Feel my pain
If I should fall
I will rise again

Hear my cry
Feel my pain
If I should die
I will rise again