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[Verse 1]
His eyes pull me down so deep in the black hole
He fogs my mind slow, we're lost in the smoke
Show me right direction, invite me to your world
That's a hunt for each other, the winner will take it all
I wanna hit the sky
I wanna hold you tight
We go out of control
We go out of control
[Verse 2]
I'm revealing your dark side
Your dirty secrets wrap up my mind
I'm here to know you from inside
Give me a sign, give me a sign
I won't be shy if you're brave enough
I will not hide, it's not a bluff
We are so in love, in love
I wanna hit the sky
I wanna hold you tight
We go out of control
We go out of control
Boy, lose yourself, we'll leave the ground
One crazy touch will melt me now
We'll soar above, the stars are down
No prohibition
Take the crown

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Enemmän sanat lyrics


Light struck from the lemon tree
What if I’d never seen
hysterical light from Eugene?
Lemon yoghurt,
remember I pulled at your shirt
I dropped the ashtray on the floor
I just wanted to be near you
Emerald Park, wonders never cease
The man who taught me to swim,
he couldn’t quite say my first name
Like a father he led
community water on my head
And he called me “Subaru”
And now I want to be near you
Since I was old enough to speak
I’ve said it with alarm
Some part of me was lost in your sleeve
where you hid your cigarettes
No I’ll never forget
I just want to be near you
Still I pray to what I cannot see
In the sprinkler I mark the evidence
known from the start
From the bed near your death,
and all the machines that made a mess
Far away the falcon flew
Now I want to be near you
What’s left is only bittersweet
For the rest of my life,
admitting the best is behind me
Now I’m drunk and afraid,
wishing the world would go away
What’s the point of singing songs
If they’ll never even hear you?


Yoh Skee, somehow I felt alone.
You know what I am saying?
But now with you and Vicy’s I feel like am the oNe!
You know what I am saying?
Been in the streets without future point in the shit.
Hard is to see those who have few fighting the shit.
Losing you fam is too fucking fearless.
So let’s fucking get it nigga.
dK Group…
Too many fingers, too many thumbs
Something wicked this way from where it comes
The best time I’ve ever had
Something waiving around for bad
Fearless, fearless, oh no!
Be fearless and nothing is impossible
So fearless, then you know that you’re invincible
Be fearless and prove the undeniable
Because your so much stronger than what they thought or know
Stand on own your ground and always be confident
The strength inside you is something from greater heaven sent
Hennessy for the when and then we popping them
We move back to home outchea outta harlem
BTv where we stand so fucking hardly
To my G’s don’t be far get to stick to it
Fam is fearless
Fam is flawless
Fam the greatest
Fam is priceless

Blue Smoke

I shape this simple future
Into something that resembles my own life.
I've killed
A thousand better choices
I've deceived a generation with my lies.
I'm still
A bastard and a denizen
Immortal 'til I'm born again
A complicated fiction with no time
I'm here...


Left my land
To the wind and the sand
With blood on my lips
And silver in hand
And I'm weary and stumbling
In the desert heat
Where raindrops
They burn up
Before they reach your cheek

And if you see my love
Tell her I'm done