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Go to sleep, lullaby
Too many things on my mind
Oh, you wanna fly?
Take a hit of this
Say goodnight
Just don't give in
And I keep on saying
Don't get too close, cause I hurt you
You never listen
Don't get too close, cause I hurt you
Mmmm (x18)
It's killing me, no need to lie
Make me wanna kill
You make me wanna die
I'll build you up, I'll tear you down, down, dowm
Don't touch a lie, don't make a sound, sound, sound
And I keep on saying
Don't get too close, cause I hurt you
You never listen
Don't get too close, cause I hurt you
Mmmm (x18)
Dirty cigarettes, whiskey, and wine
Daddy's little girl, she's all mine
She likes to hear me sing, sing
Sing daddy's lullaby, lullaby, lullaby
Don't get too close, cause I hurt you
You never listen
Don't get too close, cause I hurt you
Don't get too close
Don't get too close
Don't get too close
You never listen

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Enemmän sanat lyrics

Ben 10 - Intro (English UK)

It started with an alien device did what it did
And stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid
Now he's got super powers, he's no ordinary kid
He's Ben 10.
So if you see him you might be in for a big surprise,
He'll turn into an alien before your very eyes
He's funny, freaky, fast and strong
he's every shape and size
He's Ben 10
Armed with powers, he's on the case
Fighting off evil from Earth or space
He'll never stop till it's OK
Cause he's the baddest kid to ever save the day!
Ben 10!
Ben 10!


Thinking of you,
Straight up, it’s true
Straight up, it’s true
I wonder, as I’m fonder,
Could you come, come on over,
Rest my head up on your shoulder?
But you’re hear, oh dear,
I'm smoldered,
That makes, this right here so dangerous,
I think of you I get a rush
I think I got a crazy crush
Don’t know how you got me high,
Something tells me, I know why,
Must be just that type of guy,
Burn in heat — felt so right
Why, why, (oh why) oh why?
Shouldn't feel like this tonight
You’re a drug, I surpassed the kite
Tick-tock goes the clock,
Essence passed by
(soon baby) — o,oooo X3
I'm crushin crushin
And although i'm blushing
I'm gonna say something
I'm not rushing and I never be pushin'
Still I got to say something
Are you gonna text me,
I'm alone and feeling sexy,
To find it is so easy,
But only you can please me
I'm never the same n,
I like toys, but never games,
If we'll meet again then text me,
Don't you wan't to meet the next me?
(soon) — oooo X2 (Chance on it)
A biochemistry thing,
Need a fix — not hitched, (no ring)
I’m wanting – to stop wanting,
But your whispers where haunting,
Amazing smile,
Bright blue eyes, with a style,
Oops I'm really fixed,
I tasted a line (of you),
Open your eyes, untie disguises,
Then unmask - want to be in your mind,
Because you broke right into mine
Soon, open your eyes (realize),
(Chance on it)
(soon) — oooo X2 (Chance on it)
'N' when the beat drops, I'll dance on it

I'm a Gun

I was born in the blast of a furnace of steel
And I wondered what shape I would be
I was hard, I was cold, I was just a day old
And I wondered what future I'd see
Then a rough pair of hands fashioned peaces of steel
And a handle of smooth silky wood
And an arm held me out
While the eye of the man kept staring as hard as he could
I was fitted with bullets, with jackets of steel
And then taken outside in the light
Then he aimed me direct at a man on a horse
And his hands squeezed me tighter than tight
A bursting of fire exploded inside me sent flying a comet of heat
As the smoke cleared the way
I could see straight ahead the man who layed dead in the street
I'm a gun, I'm a gun
Til the day that man destroys me I'm a gun
It's not the gun that kills a man
It's the man who fires the gun that kills a man
It's not the gun that kills a man

I tried to call out but my steel has no tongue
And to men I am only a slave
I've never forgotten that terrible day
And that man that I couldn't save
No one knows what it means to be held in a hand
To be pointed and triggered to kill
To be labeled a gun with no power to stop
All the blood that man shooting will spill

Que me van a hablar de amor

Yo he vivido dando tumbos
rodando por el mundo
y haciéndome el destino...
Y en los charcos del camino,
la experiencia me ha ayudado
por baquiano y por que ya
comprendo que en la vida
se cuidan los zapatos
andando de rodillas.
Por eso,
me están sobrando los consejos,
que en las cosas del amor
aunque tenga que aprender
nadie sabe más que yo.

Yo anduve siempre en amores
¡qué me van a hablar de amor!
Si ayer la quise, qué importa...
¡qué importa si hoy no la quiero!
Eran sus ojos de cielo
el ancla más linda
que ataba mis sueños;
era mi amor, pero un día
se fue de mis cosas
y entró a ser recuerdo.
Después rodé en mil amores...
¡qué me van a hablar de amor!

Muchas veces el invierno
me echó desde la ausencia
la soga del recuerdo,
y yo siempre me he soltado
como un potro mal domado
por mañero, y porque yo
que anduve enamorado
rompí como una rosa
las cosas del pasado.
Y ahora,
que estoy viviendo en otra aurora
no me expliquen el amor
que aunque tenga que aprender
nadie sabe más que yo.